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"Ek wil net vir julle komplimenteer met jul wonderlike Vitality Bites wat ek hemel koekies noem... dit moet sekerlik die allerbeste alker heerlikste iets wees wat ek nog ooit geëet het... ek het dit die eerste keer by Drie Susters raakgeloop en vooraad gekoop oor ek bang was ek kry nie weer nie... toe kom ek by Jasmyn in Harties en wragtie kry ek my hemel koekies... so bly... mense lag al vir my hemel koekies maar wragtie... dus sekerlik hoe hemel moet proe... dankie!!!"

Trudie Menezies

"Excellent products. Had the date bites, and the date & fig bites. Absolutely delicious!"

Ronel Bierman

"These are so yummy. My biggest problem is stopping."

Sian Dale 

"Vitality Bites are mouth-wateringly delicious, my absolute favourite is the date and seed bites, they are the perfect size to take with you anywhere and the ideal snack to give you a boost of energy to either get you through the day or just to keep you going on a hike. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Nicholas Miller

"My family and I go nuts for the vitality bites! The original date version and the seeded variant are our favourites. They are the best snack for a road trip or picnic! I love the "outlets" option on the website which allows us to check out where in the country we can get this awesome snack!"

Danielle Nortje

"When I first tasted the Vitality bites - that was me - hooked for life. I love the creaminess of the butter , the crisp of the Marie biscuits. The tangy pineapple is my favourite but then so is the seed one because of the crunchiness. Oh my word , I’m drooling just thinking of the figs one with the popping of the pips in your mouth. They truly taste like home and then MORE . You have to try them - worth every bite."

Bela Stander

"Hello, I visited South Africa and had a chance to try Dania's Choice Vitality Bites in Kruger National Park. I love it so much that I had to research where to find shops to buy these products and got some more as a gift from Africa for friends and family back in Slovakia / Austria" :)


"Dania's choice vitality bites are a lifesaver.
When I’m sick my mom always buys me them as comfort food. Delicious!" 

Jessica Janse van Rensburg

"I LOVE the Vitality Bites! My favourite is the Pineapple and Date followed by Seed and Date. I bought it in the Kruger Park and now I am addicted. They were fresh and delicious and I was able to taste some individuality wrapped samples before buying. I was selfless enough to share some with my neighbour and now we are both on a mission to buy some in Gauteng. :) It looks like it will be easy enough as there are several stockists around. Thanks for a great product, Dania!"

Mariette Edwards

"I bought the Pineapple flavor from Weleda Pineslopes Fourways,
Must say me and my colleagues were blown away and now hooked ,
Thanks for a great product"

Greg Stander

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